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Welcome to our template shop!

Welcome to our template shop!

AD XPRS is a comprehensive web-based Advertising & Design template shop that gives you choice and control over your marketing. It's built to help you access uniquely designed and affordable marketing templates and logos covering a large number of different industries and business subjects.
Benefits to you

Benefits to you

AD XPRS is for small businesses, large corporations, freelance designers or even full service agencies. By using AD XPRS you will save time, money and hassle and be ready with an effective marketing campaign.
Giving you a lot of choice

Giving you a lot of choice

Choose from 1000's of high quality, skilfully designed marketing templates and logos that are fully customizable with a few clicks covering 31 different industries and subjects to choose from.

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Solutions for all Business

Easy process. A solution for all businesses, big and small. Just search for the template you need, customise it using our online editor, check out and start your marketing! It's that easy.
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How it Works

over 2,000 templates for your business

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Template of the Month

  • Suitable for Photographers, Photography Studio & other related subjects
  • Full set Available: Poster, Advert, Leaflets, Dangler, Sticker and more
  • Available in Arabic & English
  • Instant online customization using our editor
  • Download artwork and print-ready file
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You can pay for AD XPRS templates in 3 convenient and easy ways. You can choose to pay online securely with your credit card, choose the convenient and easy PayPal service or even pay in cash through the widely used CashU pre-paid service with 100s of payment outlets throughout the Middle East.
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Our Innovative online template Editor

The AD XPRS Editor is a one-of-its-kind, innovative online editor that enables you to customize logos and templates instantly and easily without the need for any complicated and expensive software or specialized talent.
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